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A Look Inside the Weird World of Leigh Anne Lesters Mutant Botanicals, Art Slut, San Antoio Current, May 3, 2017, Bryan Rindfuss

Cultivated Divergence by Leigh Anne Lester
, Art Magazine SA, January 2013, Haydee Munoz de la Rocha

Looking twice at Beautiful Freaks/Nature's Bastards
, The Great God Pan Is Dead, September, 2011, Dean Liscum

Escena San Antonio: Leigh Anne Lester rocks on, Cruz Ortiz as auteur, a visit from Houston curators
, Glasstire, June 17, 2011, Sarah Fisch

Rock, Paper, Carbon , Austin Chronicle, June 10, 2011, Wayne Allen Brenner

Interview: Leigh Anne Lester
, might be good, Issue #170, May 27, 2011, The Tangible and the Ethereal, Wendy Atwell

San Antonio Artist awarded 2011 Hunting Art Prize, Houston Chronicle, April 30, 2011, Douglas Britt

Last Call: Mark Menjivar and Leigh Anne Lester at SSA, San Antonio Current, February 24, 2011, Scott Andrews

Exquisite art leaves you wondering, San Antonio Express-News, January 16, 2011, Elda Silva

Strange Fruit and Odd Vegetables, Plaza de Armas, December 10, 2010, Sarah Fisch

Leigh Anne Lester @ Institute of Texan Cultures, Artlies, Issue 63, Fall 2009, Dan Goddard

"Nature in the Hands of an Artist"
, San Antonio Express News, Elda Silva, August 9, 2009

"Growth Spurt", San Antonio Current, Elaine Wolff, July 22- 28, 2009

“Art Advocates Extraordinaire", San Antonio Woman Magazine, Jasmina Wellinghoff, May 2008

“The man works wonders with, yes, paint rollers”, San Francisco Chronicle, June 16, 2007

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"Artificial Arrangement", N. Y. Arts Magazine, March/April 2006, Vol. 11, No. 3/4

"Artificial Arrangement", Glasstire: Texas Visual Art on Line, February 2006, Wendy Atwell

"For Artist, Sala Diaz is a House of 'I Will' Repute",
San Antonio Express News, January 15, 2006, Dan Goddard 

"Exhibit is Picture of Poor Health"
, Chicago Tribune, January 12, 2006, Jon Anderson

"Watch for Thorns"
, San Antonio Current, December 29, 2005, Catherine Walworth

"C.A.M. Redux"
, San Antonio Current, October 7, 2004 by Elaine Wolff