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cactus bra space
providing San Antonio and Regional artists with a venue that promotes experimentation and community dialogue since 1995
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SO, you want to show in Cactus, do you.
Here is the lowdown.


Please view work on the site and read our Mission statement to see if your work will be a good fit with cactus bra Space. We accept submissions of slides, CD's, DVD's and website addresses. If you wish to have your packets returned please enclose a self- addressed stamped envelope.  
Contact information:

Leigh Anne Lester/Jayne Lawrence
16607 Stallion Cross
San Antonio, TX 78247

Cactus Bra Space
is the oldest alternative artist run space in San Antonio, Texas.  Its history began in 1993 when a few young artists borrowed a working studio, cleaned it up, hung some spotlights and opened the doors for a one night exhibition.  The overwhelming response inspired studio tenants, Leigh Anne Lester and Jayne Lawrence to open the doors permanently.  The transformation from working studio to gallery took two years and in 1995 Cactus Bra Space was fully established.   Exhibitions were scheduled every two months for the first two years.  Since that time Cactus has grown in conjunction with the San Antonio Art Movement and new work is exhibited on the first Friday of every month from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.  Visitors who miss the opening can make an appointment by phone to see the exhibition.  (210)226-6688

Mission Statement:
The Cactus Bra Space is a non-profit gallery that provides artists an opportunity to investigate their ideas in a professional setting while taking the commercialization out of the forefront of the gallery experience.


106C Blue Star

San Antonio, TX 78204
Click here for a map of where we are located.


cactus bra space, san antonio, tx
an artist run alternative art space