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providing San Antonio and Regional artists with a venue that promotes experimentation and community dialogue since 1995
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The Dark and Dusty Archives of Cactus Bra Space. Who knows what treasures await you!

Loss of Control, Julian Forrest, FEBRUARY

Pencil Pusher, Ian M. O'Brian, MARCH

Wilderness,Michelle Rozic, APRIL 

Wilderness,Michelle Rozic,MAY 

Slick, Sabra Booth, JUNE

Recent Paintings, Lawrence Jennings, JULY

Cathy Cunningham, SEPTEMBER

Tom Walsh, OCTOBER

Rick Fredrick, NOVEMBER


Green Room with Cain Nevaeh, Chisum Pierce, FEBRUARY

A Conversation on Conservation, Anita Valencia, MARCH

Chrysalis,Angela Fox, APRIL 

Sarah Sudhoff,MAY 

Don't Ask Why, Larry Graeber, JUNE

Trajectory, Ryder Richards, JULY

Hard Edged Sea, Jason Urban, SEPTEMBER

Directions not included, Ty Wilcox, OCTOBER

Confabulation, Jung Hee Mun, NOVEMBER

The bra was empty, DECEMBER

. . . That's All We Know , Cherly Childress, FEBRUARY

To Kiss Me is to Take Me In, Leona Scull-Hons, MARCH

Lineage: A Tudor's Story,Mira Hnatyshyn, APRIL 

Greg Elliott,MAY 

Quit the Neighboorhood, Sarah Frantz,JUNE

Animal ,Meg Langhorne, JULY

...It's Time
,Judith Cotrell, SEPTEMBER

OverGrowth, Leslie Mutchler, OCTOBER

Sticky Ends,Jessica Halonen,NOVEMBER

Yew Tree Gate, Justin Boyd, DECEMBER


Where am I going , Youn Wok Song, FEBRUARY

Sheet Music Drawings and Qantum Mechanics, Jared Theis, MARCH

 Wonderment,Candace Briceno, APRIL 
Pardon our Progress, Joseph Phillips,MAY 

Veiled in Flesh, Julia Barbosa Lanois,JUNE 

Art by Osmosis, Invitational, JULY

Somewhere Between Pity and Desire, Cornelia White Swan, SEPTEMBER

Some Aspects of Love, Yoon Cho, OCTOBER

 Country Living,Anne Ferrer,NOVEMBER

 Imaginary Landscapes,Ben Marlan, DECEMBER

Host , Jasymne Graybill, FEBRUARY

Harvesting Water,
Stacy Berlfein, MARCH

Under Construction,
Ian O'Brien, APRIL 
Verdant Expanse, Mollie Oblinger,MAY / JUNE 

Did You See What I Just Saw? Rhonda Kuhlman, JULY

Internal Glimpes, Aly Dotson, AUGUST

Plastic Parasite, Dan Sutherland, SEPTEMBER

Crocheting Deers, Hidden Squirrels, Elaine Bradford, OCTOBER

 In the Garden, Leslie Raymond,NOVEMBER

New Elders of Zion,Noah Simblist, DECEMBER

Ape Man, Dan Fabian, NOVEMBER

This Many Things Massacred , Eric Gibbons, OCTOBER

Hydroplaning, Leona Scull-Hons, SEPTEMBER

Endless Capacity for Joy, Bunnyphonic, JULY

Dazzle, Susan Cheal and Douglas Holmes, JUNE

From your Memory, Christa Mares, APRIL 

Slice of Life, Thomas Walsh, MARCH

Strike While Hot, Ian O'Brian, FEBRUARY


Plasmatika, Magdelen Celestino, DECEMBER

Ultra Bastard, Jason Villegas, OCTOBER

The Forty Something Male Singer, Teresa O'Connor, SEPTEMBER

Good Boy
Jonathan Cowan, AUGUST

Soft Recognition
Jack Robbins, JULY

Dead Void Heretic
Seth Johnson, JUNE

Constance Lowe, MAY

Lynne McCabe, APRIL

Vivienne and her Friends, J Hill, MARCH

In the Garden, Jahjehan Bath Ives, FEBRUARY


Perhaps a Brief Anticipation of Nature: A day without me, Bulletproof, Alex Lopez, DECEMBER

Swarm, Christine Bisetto, NOVEMBER

Between., Margaret Craig, OCTOBER

Pin Money, Katie Pell, SEPTEMBER

Skull and Crossbones: Poisonous Pathways
, Aimee Jones and Wyatt Nash, JULY

The Stray Show, Chicago, Illinois, artists exhibiting : Jayne Lawrence, Leigh Anne Lester, Alex Lopez, Constance Lowe, Tom Walsh, MAY

Confections, Hillevi Barr, APRIL

Guest curator for February and March, Jennifer Jankauskus, San Antonio, TX.

Distance Education, Eileen Maxson,  FEB./MARCH


This is That, William Tiemann, DECEMBER

STRAPPED- A Cactus Bra Fundraiser, NOVEMBER

Ditzy Stardust, Faith Gay, OCTOBER

Gone Again, Michel Monseau, SEPTEMBER

Fleeing the Coop, Gabriel Garcia, AUGUST

Son of Samson, Hills Snyder,  JULY

Daddy’s Girl, Jennifer Wallace,  JUNE

Push, Felice Koenig, MAY

Plug 1.0 The Kinky Prophecy, Regis Shephard, APRIL

Simultaneous Field Recording Project, Michael John Martinez, FEB/MARCH


Diner, Pablo Rojas Duarte,  DECEMBER

Domestic Musings, Mark Schatz,  NOVEMBER

Nice Ghost, Mean Ghost, Michael Villequette, OCTOBER

Lullabies for Little Albert, Crevice, SEPTEMBER

Nebula Spectare, Anthony Thomas Schumante,  AUGUST

Night, Andréa Caillouett,  JULY

Malcolm and George, Gary Sweeney,  JUNE

Lipstick and Pump, Jennifer Agricola,  MAY

Guest Curator for February, March, April, 2002: Tom Walsh, Houston, TX

Illiamnate, Kelly Pike, APRIL

Never trust a little bird on your windowsill...,  Daniel Kelly, MARCH

 Gleanings, Walter Wagner, FEBRUARY


Guest Curator for December. November, October,2001: Chris Sauter, San Antonio, TX

Light Industry, Chris Sauter. DECEMBER

Communiqué Concept. Concept by Chris Sauter, curated by individual artists, Jane Tsong, Michael Markowsky, Eric Fossi and Tom Magee. NOVEMBER  

Pretty Girl,
Allison Lacher, Indiana, OCTOBER

Dammed if you do, Damned if you don’t, Juan Miguel Ramos, SEPTEMBER

New Paintings, Andrew Caceras, AUGUST

The Glory Solution, James Van Arsdale, L.A., JULY

Glitterotica, Jesse Meraz, Fort Worth, TX, JUNE

House and Home,  Corinne Ulmann, Austin, TX, MAY

Installation by Randy Wallace, APRIL

Sterilized for your Protection, Adrian Parra, Austin, TX, MARCH

Standing Houses,  Ian Pedigo, Austin, TX, FEBRUARY


Suspect Idols, Lily Hanson, Dallas, TX, DECEMBER

Rest and Relaxation, Ethel Shipton, NOVEMBER

Quarantine, Chuck Ramirez, OCTOBER

Kaleidoscope, Sarah Daniels, London, SEPTEMBER

Treatment One, Pablo Rojas Duarte and Aiessa Ammeter, AUGUST

El Jardin en Mi Culo,  Phillip Avila, JULY

Revolving Door Syndrome, Eric Hollander,  NY, JUNE

Mizu, Thomas Walsh, Houston, APRIL

Installation by Kim Squalia, NY, MARCH

GumaRama, Pink Filth, FEBRUARY


Within the Context of no Context, Alex Lopez, DECEMBER

Installation, Jennifer Katz, San Diego, CA, SEPTEMBER

form.   .er, Leigh Anne Lester, JULY

Stormy Weather, Cathy Cunningham, JUNE

without ceremony, Karen Mahaffy, MAY

Ponytale, Dennis Coffman, APRIL

It’s about taste, Michele Monseau, MARCH

Photographs by Jim Rocchio, San Fransico,CA. , FEBRUARY


swell, Rebecca Holland,  Albuquerque, NM., NOVEMBER

White Stage, Rachael White, NY. , OCTOBER

This Reproduction is Larger than the Original, Callida Borgnino, SEPTEMBER

Paintings by Patrick Yarrington and Trish Lewindowsky, AUGUST

Cumulus, Patrick Yarrington, JULY

Installation by August di Stefano, JUNE

Dots and Stripes, Steven Silva, MAY

A Reconstructive Mix, Justin Boyd and Mike Adkison, APRIL

Battered Women’s Shelter Fundraiser- Women’s History Month, MARCH


Gene Pool, Chris Sauter, DECEMBER

Installation by Melissa Longnecker, CA., NOVEMBER

Mixed media by Monica Camero, Laredo, TX, OCTOBER

Reefica, Alberto Mijangos/ Maria Elena Botello Buchaman, SEPTEMBER

Under the Umbrella of Bread, Jayne Lawernce, JULY

Chlorosepterogenous and some friends Michele Monseau, JUNE

The World Just Won’t Listen: Collected B Sides, Dario Robleto, MAY

Paintings by Sal Torres, APRIL

Concept 697.198, Leigh Anne Lester/ Jayne Lawrence, MARCH


SpacePoint, Todd Brandt and Nate Cassie, OCTOBER AND NOVEMBER

On Location, Pony Allen, Austin, TX, SEPTEMBER

Trace Elements/Something to Remember- Joan Fabian, JULY

Product or Process, Drawing exhibition curated by Leigh Anne Lester and Jayne Lawrence. Jewel Baird, Dennis Coffman, Perry Riley, Mathew Sonheimer, Sal Torres, JUNE


Angie Vick, Chicago, IL, Photographs and sculpture, DECEMBER

 Boundlitnzipt and Paint, Cathy Cunningham, Jayne Lawrence, Leigh Anne Lester and Ed Weaver, NOVEMBER

cactus bra space, san antonio, tx
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